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Heraldry for Designers and Craftspeople

Heraldry for Designers and Craftspeople

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Originally compiled to supply models of authentic heraldic design, this copiously illustrated volume represents a landmark in the study of this colorful art form. Its authentic images include eight brilliant color plates and over 250 finely rendered black-and-white illustrations depicting the designs discussed in the authoritative text.
Dating from a.d. 1200 to a.d. 1600, the designs are drawn chiefly from the 14th and 15th centuries, when the art of heraldry reached an unsurpassed period of refinement. Sources include patterns from buildings, monuments, and architectural elements, encompassing a variety of media, from tiles and stained glass windows to badges and banners.
In addition to the magnificent illustrations, the text offers detailed discussions of the accurate arrangement of heraldic devices - the treatment of shields, crests, and mantlings; the use of badges, knots, and the rebus; displays of banners of arms; placement of insignia in heraldic embroideries; and much more.
Originally published in 1913, "Heraldry for Designers and Craftspeople" has exercised significant influence on the style of English armorial design in the 20th century. This fine new edition (with an insightful Introduction by Helmut Nickel, Curator Emeritus, Arms and Armor, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York) will fascinate artists, designers, and craftspeople as well as anyone interested in heraldry and the history and evolution of these spectacular devices from a bygone age.