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A Decorator's Secrets

A Decorator's Secrets

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In this practical, straightforward guide to home decorating, a well known interior designer shares the surprisingly simple secrets to achieving an individual and professional look without spending a fortune. Experienced designer Carolyn Warrender comes to the rescue of perplexed novices with this thoughtfully planned course on interior decoration.
The author actually walks the beginner through each step, starting with a clear guide to understanding a room, including proportion, size, and scale. She explains how the key elements of space, lighting, and color form the basis of successful decorating. The next chapter is an inspirational look at the wealth of decorating materials available, including paints, wall coverings, flooring, furniture, and accessories. Next the author teaches an interior design masterclass that deconstructs twelve rooms, revealing exactly what makes each of the diverse styles work. Supplemented by 174 color photographs, the helpful text analyses color, layout, architectural detail, and other important considerations in decorating a kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, and more. A final troubleshooting section offers solutions to such common problems as making small rooms seem larger, dealing with low ceilings, or improving a lack of good natural light. Also included is a measurements guide and a list of sources.
By offering her experience and tricks-of-the trade, Warrender gives a new decorator the knowledge and confidence needed to create a stylish, comfortable home that reflects an individual's personal taste and lifestyle.