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The Gallery of Meissen Animals

The Gallery of Meissen Animals

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The large animal figures created at the Meissen manufactory between 1731 and 1736 arguably constitute the eighteenth century's supreme artistic and technical achievement in the field of porcelain-making.
The animals were commissioned by the elector-king Augustus the Strong for the palace that of all his seats was probably the one closest to his heart: the Japanese Palace in Dresden. At a time when the electoral art collections were being subjected to thorough reorganization, the Japanese Palace was chosen to house Augustus the Strong's fabulous collection of Far Eastern porcelain in several sequences of porcelain rooms en enfilade. However, no sooner was the rebuilding of the palace under way than Augustus the Strong intervened with a radical change of plan. His new concept was that the whole of the upper story should house porcelain from the Royal Porcelain Manufactory in Meissen, affirming and celebrating the superiority of Saxon porcelain over the wares of the Far East. The "porcelain palace" was not just to be used as a magnificent setting for court festivities, but was also to incorporate a wealth of references to his claims and aspirations as Elector of Saxony and King in Poland and to emphasize his elevated standing among the princes of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.

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