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Onsen: Design for Japanese Style SPA

Onsen: Design for Japanese Style SPA

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People have enjoyed Onsen or hot spring bathing, long before written records were kept. Archaeologists have found onsen watermarks on objects dated from Japan's Jomon period (10000 years ago). The hot springs was not exclusive to ancient Japan. Holy ceremonies were performed at hot springs, according to Celtic tales.
In ancient Western Europe, Romans globalize the hot spring bathing, as far as Bass (England), Tria (Germany), Barden (Switzerland), and Carlsbard (Chechen). Roman emperors competed in building a grander Terme (bathhouse). As a result, restaurants, sports, education, medicine, and other cultural activities developed and flourished around the bathhouses.
In Japan, people believed in the Onsen water's medicinal and spiritual healing power. But the design scape of the onsen remained simple, as an outdoor bath. Japanese felt that grandeur architecture did not fit well with its culture. They chose to bathe in the comfort of the ever changing nature.

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