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Design Sourcebook: Stained Glass

Design Sourcebook: Stained Glass

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There are many practical books about how to go about making stained glass, but few feature works by contemporary professionals with a view to providing them, and amateur craftspeople, with inspiration for creating new work.
This is the first book on the subject to present a selection of the very best modern secular and non-secular work from all over the world as a design source. With its diverse subject matter and wide variety of styles, the Design Sourcebook: Stained Glass will appeal to amateur and professional stained glass artists alike; to designers in a variety of fields - from interior decorators and architects who commission stained glass for a living, to graphic artists and fabric or paper designers, and to collectors of contemporary art. It also provides an ideal source of reference for anyone who may wish to commission a piece for their home.
By showing a subject tackled in a number of different ways, "Design Sourcebook: Stained Glass" offers great stimulus for anyone trying to create their next design. The pieces of stained glass illustrated here have been selected by and written about by Lynette Wrigley, herself an acclaimed professional artist in the medium. An index of artists is provided at the back of the book giving contact details for everyone whose work has been featured so they may be contacted for commissions, whether private or public.
"Design Sourcebook: Stained Glass" works on a variety of levels. As a practical tool, it is an invaluable addition to the bookshelf of all glass artists and professionals in the field of design. It is also a beautifully produced portfolio of the very best contemporary work.