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The English House: Architecture & Interiors

The English House: Architecture & Interiors

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What is an English house? It might be a country mansion, a Tudor manor or even a fanciful folly. Just as much part of the landscape as rolling pasture or the surprise of a church spire, it may be constructed from local stone or ancient timbers, roofed with tiles or rustic thatch. With such a catholic mix of styles, it is impossible to single out just one that sums up England's architectural heritage.
Yet within that patchwork, there is a voyage of discovery. The more questions we ask - who built the house, why was it located in a particular spot? - the more the character of each house unfurls. The gardens that surround it are also an intrinsic part. Open the door and look within: there are the sensual scents of beeswax polish, the time-worn look of ancient timber floors and personal collections of antique furniture, amassed over generations, to discover.
So there is always a surprise - and a relaxed welcome - in the English home. It is a place where families are raised, friendships conducted and where the intricacies of daily life take place. The English house has a present, a history and -most importantly - a future waiting to unfold.

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