Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface

Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface

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"The choice of Real Stuff is judicious. The Computers in the Real World sections are interesting to read and should widen the horizons of the too often too tech-oriented Sophomores and Juniors. On the whole this is a very solid book and the success of the third edition is assured as has been the success of its two predecessors".

Jean-Loup Baer, University of Washington

"I am very impressed with the new sections "Computers in the Real World." It is very interesting and speaks to the students who would like to feel a connection between classroom materials and real-world applications. I am very pleased with the manuscript for the third edition. This revision is well-updated and a comprehensive introduction to the hardware and software fundamentals".

David Brooks, Harvard University

"The logical development and explanations and examples were always great to begin with. The Historical Perspectives have become even better - they are part of the book that I enjoy most".

David Harris, Harvey Mudd

3-rd edition.