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The Pfeiffer Book of Successful Leadership Development Tools

The Pfeiffer Book of Successful Leadership Development Tools

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This extraordinary resource includes the most successful leadership development tools selected from three decades of the Pfeiffer Annuals and Handbooks. Since 1972, trainers and consultants have found these volumes to contain a treasure chest of resources for a wide range of training and organization-development needs.
The Pfeiffer Book of Successful Leadership Development Tools is organized into three sections: Presentations and Discussions (articles); Experiential Learning Activities; and Inventories, Questionnaires, and Surveys. These selections represent the all-time best the Pfeiffer Annuals and Handbooks have to offer on the topic. The Pfeiffer Hook of Successful Leadership Development Tools:
  • Includes an overview of management theorists who have shaped modern thought about organizations and leadership
  • Contains complete, ready-made training exercises designed to meet a variety of needs for different audiences
  • Offers inventories that include questionnaires and instruments that help people clarify their own beliefs about leadership The materials covered are selected not only for quality but with an eye toward serving a broad range of objectives and training situations. This resource is written to help develop leadership skills, from first-level supervisors to high-level executives. The activities and instruments can be customized for all levels of the management hierarchy.