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Hotel Des Voyageurs: A Naughty Pillow Book

Hotel Des Voyageurs: A Naughty Pillow Book

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Is your pillow getting it on more than you are?
Ever wondered why pillows are always hanging out in bed? Because they're sex-crazed fiends of course, ready to partake in a steamy pillow orgy the minute you close the door.
The celebrated children's book author Gilles Bachelet ("My Cat, The Silliest Cat in the World") takes us on a decidedly adults-only peep-show into the dirty doings in one cushy hotel room in Paris. At first: a simple room, two pristine, innocent white pillows languishing on the bed. And then: off with the pillowcases, here come the long thin pillows, the voluptuous pillows, the pimp-daddy pillow peddling pillow porn, and the leather-and-chain-clad pillows. Flying feathers, exploding stuffing - it's complete pillow chaos. Until, exhausted, spent (limp!), they slip on their pillowcases once again, and leave. It's as if nothing happened, a lone stray feather the only possible evidence.