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Oxford Dictionary of English

Oxford Dictionary of English

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For this second edition, now called simply the "Oxford Dictionary of English", the text has been completely revised, a major part of that revision being the addition of over 3,000 new words, senses, and phrases to ensure that the dictionary continues to be the most accurate and up-to-date description of the language available. The source for this new material has been the Oxford English Corpus, a database which provides an extensive picture of current English as an international language. In compiling this new edition we have been able to draw on a new 100 million word corpus incorporating real English of the 21 st century and made up of a balanced selection of texts from all subject fields, and have continued to monitor the language via the database of the Oxford Reading Programme, which now consists of around 77 million words. These databases have provided much of the evidence for around sixty new usage notes, covering points of grammar, spelling, usage, and pronunciation. We have also undertaken or commissioned work in adding new vocabulary in specialist subject areas such as genetics, health, medicine, and business, and in varieties of English from around the world.
The second edition also includes a new section of appendices providing useful factual information on subjects such as countries of the world and weights and measures, a discussion of English in electronic communication, and a guide to good English.
Apart from the contributors listed on the separate credits page, the editors would like to thank Michael Proffitt and his team for help with drafting new words, Glynnis Chantrell and Adam Kilgarriff for their work in developing the database, Edmund Weiner, Joanna Tulloch, and Anthony Grant for work on etymologies, and Bill Trumble for advice on scientific entries.

Издание на английском языке.
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