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Gilles Bensimon Photography: No Particular Order

Gilles Bensimon Photography: No Particular Order

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Gilles Bensimon, Elle publication director and head photographerforthe magazine, has put together his first-ever photo retrospective. From one of the most accomplished and well-known photographers to date, Photography is an intimate look at Bensimon's stunning photographs of famous beauties and celebrities taken throughout his remarkable 30-year career.
Iconic models and stars fill Photography's 200 pages through exclusive images from the photographer's impressive portfolio. This truly comprehensive collection honors the women Bensimon has made a career of celebrating, revealing in the process his original and unique photographic style based on movement, sensuality and vitality.
This legendary photographer has been an active witness to the fashion trends of the last several decades, and Photography reveals the very best of Bensimon's magnificent oeuvre in photos of the beautiful women he helped transform into stars: Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schifferand Christy Turlington, to name just a few. Photography also features many stunning celebrities captured on film, such as Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sharon Stone and Naomi Watts.