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Alberto Pinto: Bedrooms

Alberto Pinto: Bedrooms

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Alberto Pinto is among the most celebrated interior designers at work today and is known primarily for his highly creative use of color and texture to achieve the effect of unparalleled opulence. Here, Pinto turns his attention to the most intimate and personal space in any home - the bedroom.
Pinto succeeds in giving each of the fifty-one bedrooms featured in this handsomely illustrated volume his unequalled touch of grandeur while evoking its owner's personality. Under Pinto's direction, the bedroom becomes a fantasy - like oasis that can be adorned with fine damasks and brocades, gorgeously colored mosaics, luminously polished antique woods, soothing fountains, or neoclassical columns. The resulting bedrooms are contemporary, yet suffused with a sense of the classic and the timeless.
Realizing that a bedroom is the sum of its parts and needs to be a functional space as well as a haven, Alberto Pinto expands his design brief to include ancillary spaces that are often neglected. Thus, he lavishes attention to the adjoining bathrooms and closets, so that all the units are integrated visually as well as functionally for the utmost livability and style. In some of the more opulent bedrooms depicted, Pinto includes home gyms, exercise rooms, and studies in a nod to the way we increasingly live in our bedrooms. The resulting spaces are contemporary bedrooms - some more appropriately described as suites - from Europe and North America that are luxurious yet intimate and evoke a spectrum of classical styles updated for the finest in twenty-first century living.
Alberto Pinto is based in Paris and is the subject of three previous books: "Alberto Pinto: Orientalism", "Alberto Pint: Classics", and Alberto Pinto Moderns. He himself has also written on color, antiques, flowers, and toys.
This volume will be an inspiration to anyone who is designing or redecorating a bedroom.