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New Era of Management

New Era of Management

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In light of the dramatic and far-reaching events of the early twenty-first century, the central theme being discussed in the field of management is the pervasiveness of turbulent change and its impact on organizations. This edition of "New Era of Management" was revised to help current and future managers find innovative solutions to the problems that plague today's organizations-whether they are everyday challenges or once-in-a-lifetime crises. The world in which most students will work as managers is undergoing a tremendous upheaval. The emergence of crisis management, ethical turmoil, e-business, rapidly changing technologies, globalization, outsourcing, global virtual teams, knowledge management, global supply chains, and other changes place demands on managers that go beyond the techniques and ideas traditionally taught in management courses. Managing in today's turbulent times requires the full breadth of management skills and capabilities. This text provides comprehensive coverage of both traditional management skills and the new competencies needed in a turbulent environment characterized by economic turmoil, political confusion, and general uncertainty.

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2 edition.