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The Best Year of Your Life Kit

The Best Year of Your Life Kit

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Get ready to embark on the most important and rewarding journey you’ve ever taken—the journey to the best year of your life!
The power to manifest everything you desire—whether it’s happiness, success, money, romance, or vitality—is within you right at this moment, and self-love is the essential key that allows you to unlock this power. Put simply, when you love yourself, you’ll feel worthy and deserving of living your best life. This program, developed by best-selling author and renowned life coach Debbie Ford, contains a recipe for falling deeply and authentically in love with yourself. The enclosed CD features four never-before-released guided meditations/visualizations that will help you feel compassion for your imperfections, acknowledge and honor your strengths, and develop the qualities you’ll need to fulfill your goals. The Workbook/Journal provides a place for you to track your progress and record your breakthroughs, insights, and next steps; and the 52 weekly cards (in the form of a Self-Love Game) offer an exciting and fun way to produce measurable results in your life, starting today.