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Inspired Styles

Inspired Styles

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In the varied and eclectic world of interior design, designers remind us that the spaces we inhabit can be approached like blank canvases. Inspired Styles is an anthology of ideas, creative palettes, and select works by seventeen interior designers who have all created textile collections for the Kravet and Lee Jofa Fabrics and Furnishings Company. Each designer reveals his or her tastes, inspirations, and artistic approaches. Each invites readers to better understand the creative process-opening the doors to every new possibility. Filled with vibrant photographs that combine inspiration with completed decor; enriched with texts in the designers own voices; and presented with a foreword by House & Gardens editor-in-chief, Dominique Browning, Inspired Styles is a reference for amateurs and professionals alike who are curious, eclectic, and seek creative inspiration.

Формат: 25 см x 31 см.