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Urban Elements: Furniture and Microarchitecture

Urban Elements: Furniture and Microarchitecture

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This book, aimed at both users and creators of elements and spaces of the city, brings together a selection of 132 pieces of European street furniture and microarchitecture. These elements are situated in the public space, and united by the shared purpose of providing a service to the public; a service that encompasses a great range and variety of uses and functions, as these emerge in line with the new needs of the city. It contains little pieces of architecture by world-famous figures such as Norman Foster, Renzo Piano, Aldo Rossi, Jorge Pensi, Bach/Mora or Philippe Starck. The book is structured in the form of descriptive profiles, easily accessible, full and informative, of each of the featured elements; these identify the designer and the manufacturer and give the complete technical and formal characteristics, together with photographs and scale drawings.