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Uncanny: The Art and Design of Shawn Wolfe

Uncanny: The Art and Design of Shawn Wolfe

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An "uncanny" collection of Shawn Wolfe's most provocative work. In 1984, having spent seven years in and around advertising, Wolfe established BeatkitT, the world's first ever anti-brand. It was a brand without a product and was intended to be a shining example of what was sick and wrong in a culture gone mad with consumerism. From 1984 to 2000 BeatkitT sought to expose the dark nature of consumerism, consumption and disposal, all of which escalate the fundamental crises of contemporary life: using up of natural resources, ecological ruin, cynicism, and alienation. Wolfe used and reused images such as the Bionic Cat and the Removerinstaller until they had achieved the abstract presence of the Nike swoosh. Perhaps the real magic in his work is that it draws us in but delivers nothing.