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Art Glass (Miller's How to Compare & Value)

Art Glass (Miller's How to Compare & Value)

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Covering both American art glass and European ware, this informative and colourful volume serves as a guide for both novice and experienced collectors in the appraisal of art glass. The author shares the secrets of professional appraisers as she shows how to assess style, condition, authenticity and value using a compare-and-contrast format. Apparently similar pieces are analyzed side-by-side to determine why one is more valuable than the other, or why one is a treasure and the other, not quite. Full-colour photographs of art glass pieces from each of the more than 50 featured glassmakers appear on facing pages, surrounded by call-outs highlighting each piece's value features - those key factors, such as design, execution, material, and condition that account for the item's relative market value. The author hones in on the salient value features and clearly explains what makes one item worth more than another.