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Robin & Lucienne Day Pioneers of Contemporary Design

Robin & Lucienne Day Pioneers of Contemporary Design

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"Robin & Lucienne Day Pioneers of Contemporary Design" were Britain's most revered and accomplished designers during the post-war period. Working independently in a wide range of media, they pioneered the introduction of 'Contemporary' design during the 1950s and 1960s, winning acclaim in Britain and overseas. This beautifully designed and handsomely illustrated book celebrates their remarkable achievement over a period of more than 50 years and records their careers from the triumphant early post-war era right up to their most recent designs for Habitat. Structured chronologically, the book tells the Days' story decade by decade from the 1930s onwards. Each designer is dealt with independently, but the creative narrative weaves between the two, emphasizing the cross-fertilization between their work over the years. All aspects of their wide-ranging careers are investigated, and the book concludes with a comprehensive catalogue of works for each designer.
After winning the Museum of Modern Art's International Low-Cost Furniture Competition in 1948. Robin Day enjoyed an illustrious career with Hille, which he transformed during the 1950s into Britain's leading modern furniture company. His vast and wide-ranging output as a furniture designer is recorded here for the first time, from modular storage cabinets and easy chairs for the home to plastic chairs for schools, tip-up seats for football stadia, and public seating for underground stations. A multi-talented polymath, Robin excelled in many areas, and the book highlights his achievements not only in furniture design, but also in exhibition design, graphics and product design.
Best known as a designer of vibrant furnishing fabrics, Lucienne Day's career took off with Calyx, the dynamic abstract pattern she created for the Festival of Britain in 1951. Working mainly with Heal Fabrics, she designed over a hundred textiles over the next two and a half decades. Her imaginative patterns and inspired use of colour also invigorated many other fields of design, and she enjoyed long and productive relationships with the wallpaper company Rasch, the ceramics firm Rosenthal. the carpet manufacturer Tomkinsons, and the Irish linen firm Thomas Somerset. This book records all aspects of her work for her many clients, as well as exploring her later career as a designer of silk mosaics.
Although the Days worked independently, they worked side by side in their studio, and their designs complemented each other perfectly. Later, during the 1960s and 1970s, the couple were engaged as joint design consultants by BOAC, for whom they designed aircraft interiors, and by the John Lewis Partnership, where they oversaw the development of a new integrated "house style".
The influence of Robin and Lucienne Day on the history of post-war design has been considerable. This book explores all aspects of their diverse achievements, in parallel and in tandem, forming an invaluable resource for designers, students and design historians.

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