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Dali: Genius, Obsession and Lust (Pegasus Series)

Dali: Genius, Obsession and Lust (Pegasus Series)

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This text analyzes the different periods of the Dali's development from 1921 to 1983, supported by a selection of his paintings. It presents interpretations of Dali's pictures, using the artist's own writings and applying the motivational theories of two men who deeply influenced his thinking, Sigmund Freud and Otto Rank. Dali's life and art were dominated by an almost insatiable craving for sex, money and fame, as well as by a morbid fascination with death. He thrived on the acquisition of knowledge, absorbing influences both from other artists and from contemporary philosophy and science. Following provocative surrealist visions of sexuality, Dali produced masterly images of death. After World War Two he seized upon new theories in physics, biology and mathematics, and condensed these theories to produce uniquely profound works.