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Salvador Dali: An Illustrated Life

Salvador Dali: An Illustrated Life

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For the first time, this book - authorized by the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation - provides a visual history of Dali's entire career, illustrated with previously unpublished personal photographs, sketchbooks, drawings, letters, posters, and commercial designs, many of them drawn from the archives at the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation.
The photographs in particular offer key insights into the artist's career; in them we see Dali as a child, in his studio, with his inseparable wife and muse Gala, and traveling the world and fraternizing with celebrities including Harpo Marx, Walt Disney, Sidney Poitier, Andy Warhol, Gregory Peck, Alice Cooper, and Robert Kennedy. The inclusion of numerous designs for handbills and exhibition posters as well as magazine covers and book jackets suggests the scale of Dali's prolific output beyond the gallery walls. Also included are reproductions of his most famous works.