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The Parish Churches of Medieval England

The Parish Churches of Medieval England

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Most books on the parish churches of England have considered them only as surviving edifices, emphasizing the physical form of each building rather than the historical influences that have fashioned their structure.
Yet many cherished peculiarities of our medieval churches can only be understood by examining the role of the Church against the social background of the English Middle Ages as a whole. Each building's centuries of worship have accumulated details of the architecture and furnishing the traditional and familiar appearance of which obscures a history of often significant change. Within an all-important chronological framework, Professor Platt explains the physical testimony of England's thousands of surviving medieval parish churches in terms of several influences: patterns of patronage; liturgical requirements; the need to instruct congregations who were largely unlettered; the appointment and maintenance of a qualified priesthood; the enchantment of churches by a burgeoning plutocracy moved both by piety and civic or dynastic pride; and the Churches response to such crises as the Black Death, the Peasants' Revolt or the Reformation.

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