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Compact Design Series: Arne Jacobsen (Compact Design Portfolio)

Compact Design Series: Arne Jacobsen (Compact Design Portfolio)

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Now more than ever, people are appreciating and collecting modern design; Compact Design Portfolio is a handy, attractive, and authoritative design library for the design aficionado and stylish general reader alike. Books 9 and 10 in the Compact Design Portfolio series profile two modern masters: Karim Rashid known for his biomorphic furniture and home products found everywhere and Arne Jacobsen, best known for his classic Ant Chair and Egg Chair. Stylish, small, and perfect for collecting, Compact Design Portfolio titles are penned by accomplished writers with real knowledge of and fresh enthusiasm for their subjects. Containing scores of illustrations for ongoing reference, this series perfectly encapsulates the life, work, and influence of the great designers of our time