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Inside Havana

Inside Havana

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For five hundred years, Havana's siren song has lured pirates, aristocrats, and revolutionaries. The city today is a shipwreck of history, grandeur, and decay; a place where the exotic and the familiar, wealth and poverty, pride and loss, past and present have all been fused into one unique and unimaginable world. In richm elegiac images, celebrated photographer Andrew Moore captures the substance of this mysterious place. The result of four years' work, the images not only document Havana and its architecture at the end of the century, but suggest the city's inner life. Each photograph is an open-ended drama, concealing as much as it reveals. As the images are viewed again and again, intimate and sensuous details unfold. Inside Havana intertwines the real and the fantastical, as a city swept up in the eccentric flow of time creates an untold future.