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Tokyo: A Certain Style

Tokyo: A Certain Style

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One look at the tiny, cluttered apartments in "Tokyo: A Certain Style" will make you think again. Writer-photographer Kyoichi Tsuzuki visited a hundred apartments, condos, and houses, documenting what he saw in more than 400 color photos that show the real Tokyo style - a far cry from the serene gardens, shoji screens, and Zen minimalism usually associated with Japanese dwellings.
In this Tokyo, necessities such as beds, bathrooms, and kitchens vie for space with electronic gadgets, musical instruments, clothes, books, records, and kitschy collectibles. Candid photos vividly capture the dizzying "cockpit effecf" of living in a snug space crammed floor to ceiling with stuff. And it's not just bohemian types and students who must fit their lives and work into tight quarters, but professionals and families with children, too. In descriptive captions, the inhabitants discuss the ingenious ways they've adapted their home environments to suit their diverse lifestyles.
Proof that you can still live large in a small apartment, "Tokyo: A Certain Style" will be a source of inspiration to urban dwellers everywhere.

Формат: 10,5 см x 15 см.