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Winged Migration

Winged Migration

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Migration is an enigma. Who knows why the cuckoo, born in Europe, flies alone to the far forests of Africa, home of its ancestors? Or how the Arctic tern can fly over ten thousand miles on its astonishing journey from pole to pole? Yet birds of every feather, from the tiny-swallow to the giant albatross, the pelican to the swan, make incredible migrations year after year.
Jacques Perrin (producer of "Microcosmos") assembled a team of specialists to follow birds on their mysterious journeys over the course of four years. The result is the Oscar -nominated documentary "Winged Migration" and this seminal volume. In word and image, this book explores the hows and whys of migration. Visually, it is extraordinary, providing 272 pages and gatefolds of unique, bird's-eye views of breathtaking voyages. The photographers also take you behind the scenes and reveal their groundbreaking techniques to capture never-before-seen shots of birds in flight. Jean-Francois Mongibeaux, who traveled around the world with the filmmakers, renders the tales of birds in engaging, informative prose.
Filled with astonishing bird facts as well as migration maps illustrating the phenomenal distances covered by migrating birds, "Winged Migration" offers both the general reader and the dedicated birder a grand, yet intimate, portrait of the secret life of birds.