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Collins Digital SLR Handbook

Collins Digital SLR Handbook

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This is the definitive practical guide to getting the most out of your digital SLR camera, written by a top working photographer. It is ideal for all keen amateur photographers and those aspiring to move over from using a traditional film SLR camera. All serious amateurs, students of photography, and professionals now aspire to a digital SLR camera. This book is aimed at them and takes readers through all the knowledge required to get the best from their digital SLR camera. It is superbly illustrated with hundreds of stunning images from top photographer John Freeman and is full of professional hints and tips. All aspects of using a digital SLR camera are covered, including: Equipment: cameras, lenses (from fisheye to ultra telephoto, macro, zoom and shift), converters, extension tubes, bellows, etc. Getting to grips with your digital SLR: batteries and memory cards, camera menus, camera modes, exposure, shutter/aperture priority, depth of field, etc.