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"Whereishere" a book and website, embodies a unique image of graphic design at the turn of the millennium. In lewis blackwell's words, it is an "inquisition into the state of the digital graphic consciousness". Reaching beyond h review of the world's latest graphics, "Whereishere" seeks out designers who have challenged contemporary culture through an infinite variety of means - from religion to pornography - and focuses on what the authors see as the heart of contemporary communication: the designers' search for identity.
The authors rims are to reveal the obsessions of the most forward-looking designers; to record the means by which these obsessions are portrayed; to look at the media by which they do this; and to come to terms with the effect that the work has on its audience. The result is an extensive and intensive array of previously unpublished work by leading designers, along with many new discoveries, drawn from a range of countries including Japan, the United States, Israel, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa, as well as Europe.

Формат: 23 см х 28,5 см.