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One Hundred Photographs: A Collection by Bruce Bernard

One Hundred Photographs: A Collection by Bruce Bernard

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In 1996 Bruce Bernard was commissioned to create a collection of photographs for an eminent private collector. After several years of trawling through galleries, art fairs and auction houses he settled on 100 images that "truly stimulated and satisfied" him. One of the leading picture editors of his generation and celebrated for his unique eye, knowledge and judgement of photography, Bruce Bernard has created a collection that emphasizes the magic of the medium - through work of the great figures of the 19th century, to snapshots, taken by amateurs, the genius of Andre Kertesz and the impassioned photo reportage of Weegee. This timeless selection offers a unique insight into photography. It also demonstrates Bruce's love and respect for photography and his unparalleled ability to identify pictures that are imbued with sensitivity, humanity and intelligence.