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Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele

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The Austrian artist Egon Schiele is now regarded as one of the most outstanding figures in the history of modern art. His importance lies not only in his contribution to the development of Expressionism, but also in his originality and the continuing significance of his subject matter. Though he died at the age of twenty-eight, he left behind some of the most powerful images of male and female sexuality in the history of art.
Schiele's career as an artist in Vienna coincided with the birth of psychoanalysis in the same city, and his preoccupation with mortality, sexuality and the self paralleled those of his contemporary, Sigmund Freud. Rejecting traditional aesthetics and the decorative appeal of art nouveau, Schiele concentrated instead on producing visual equivalents for his own intense feelings.
This book presents a balanced selection of Schiele's paintings and drawings, his nudes, portraits, allegories and landscapes. The author examines the artist's contact with Munch, Rodin, Klimt and other contemporaries, and analyses the character and development of this long-neglected genius.

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