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Image Makers, Image Takers

Image Makers, Image Takers

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Image Makers, Image Takers is the first book to examine systematically what motivates and inspires today's photographers and what it is that makes them succeed. It reveals how some of the world's most established photographers, from the fields of art, documentary, fashion, advertising and portraiture, actually work, and explores what it is that picture editors, curators, gallerists, agency directors and art book publishers are looking for when choosing an image.
Using her intelligent and perceptive interview technique alongside over 200 carefully hand-selected images, journalist and critic Anne-Celine Jaeger delves into the working practice of famous photographers, unveiling the mysterious process of artistic creation involved in making and taking a photograph. Here you will find exactly how Mario Sorrenti was inspired to capture a naked Kate Moss draped over a sofa for the iconic Calvin Klein campaign, why and how Sebastiao Salgado approaches the people he documents, and how Rineke Dijkstra gets the best from her subjects.
With the images taken, or a commisison in prospect, how are these photographs then selected? How does the picture editor of The New York Times Magazine decide which photographer should shoot the next fashion spread? What kind of a photograph is worthy of being hung on a wall in The Photographers' Gallery in London? What advice would art book publisher Gerhard Steidl give to a budding photographer?
Whether it is basic questions of what to look for in an image, views on cropping or the use of colour over black-and-white, the shapers and makers of taste provide a unique and indispensable account of their working methods.
Image Makers, Image Takers is aimed at all photography enthusiasts, from amateurs to professionals, and especially at anyone with a desire to go beyond the photograph in order to understand fully the mind that created it. Unique and accessible, this book will inspire you to look at photographs, and also through your lens, in a whole new way.
With 218 illustrations, 179 in colour.

Формат: 18,5 см x 23,5 см.