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The Art of Game Characters

The Art of Game Characters

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Whether you are a designer looking for tips, an artist seeking inspiration games enthusiast, you will find everything you need to know in this essential, illustrated guide to the creativity on display in games today. Characters featured hail from every game genre, including cute and cuddly creations such as Рас-Man And Mario, Through Sexy, Sassy Heroines Such As Lara Croft And Dark Lineage's Kya, To Brooding Enigmas Such As Jericho Cross.
Interviews with the game designers reveal their sources of inspiration, along with fascinating early designs that show exactly how they went about turning a bright idea into a classic character. Tips and techniques explain what makes a character grab the public imagination, and provide practical ideas for the would-be game artist.
  • a complete guide to the most iconic game characters an d how they were created.
  • featuring a wealth of examples from the best and most popular games worldwide.
  • comprehensive historical and thematic coverage that reveals the cultural sources and references behind character development and visualization.
  • behind-the-scenes insights into how the top game studios design successful game characters.

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