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Joseph Cornell: Master of Dreams

Joseph Cornell: Master of Dreams

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Recent books on Cornell have brought new attention to the artist and increased his popularity, introducing his art to new audiences. These recent books, however, only deal with specific areas of Cornell's oeuvre or are not illustrated. This book by Diane Waldman covers Cornell's entire career- and it will be sought out by old and new fans of his work. Out of the fantasies that enriched a private, often reclusive life, Joseph Cornell created, in his famed shadow boxes and collages, a "poetic theater of memory" in which fables of the unconscious were played out by characters as varied as a Medici princess, a blue swan, and a supporting company of angels, parrots, and ballerinas. Using the same seemingly commonplace materials that compose the classic fairy tale and our daily lives- thimbles, eggshells, mirrors, and maps among them- Cornell beckons us into a world at once distantly magical and tantalizingly, nostalgically "home."