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Nobuyoshi Araki: Self, Life, Death Limited Edition (Hardcover)

Nobuyoshi Araki: Self, Life, Death Limited Edition (Hardcover)

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"The Araki Limited Edition" is limited to 3,000 copies. Each copy is individually numbered and includes foil-blocked, textured pages. "The Araki Limited Edition" is bound in special fabric and presented in a slipcase. Nobuyoshi Araki is the most controversial photographer working in the world today. To his critics, he is no more than a pornographer and a misogynist; to his supporters he is a radical and a revolutionary, a figure who has challenged not just artistic limits, but social limits in post-war Japan. At home, he is a national celebrity. In the West, he is considerably less understood. This is the book that will explain Araki. In its sheer range of text and images, it is also the most comprehensive volume ever to be published on his life's work.