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Manga Mania: Chibi Sketchbook (Manga Mania)

Manga Mania: Chibi Sketchbook (Manga Mania)

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With its adorable girl and boy characters and their pets, "Chibi" has become extemely popular with young people in general and preteen girls in particular. These childlike creations have mischievous, appealing personalities; huge eyes, and small, squat, and very stylized bodies. Using this clever combination of sketchbook and instructional guide, fans of the style will learn how to draw some of the genre's most beloved figures. The how-to section explains all that young artists need to know to capture groups, action poses, facial expressions, costumes, and lovable monsters. Among the very special creations featured here: Bishie boy, Shonen boy, Shoujo girl, and more - including a menagerie of super-cute animals.