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Masters: Gemstones: Major Works by Leading Jewelers

Masters: Gemstones: Major Works by Leading Jewelers

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What awesome craftsmanship appears throughout this unique volume - the zenith of an art that marries the world's most exceptional gems with exquisitely-honed metal designs. Approximately forty of the world's top jewelers present expertly-fashioned settings that embrace a diversity of styles and techniques, including pave, channel, invisible, gypsy, wire, and tension. Christoph Krahenmann's creations display a fabulous fusion of Swiss artisanship and American ingenuity, old world elegance and contemporary chic. Paula Crevoshay's jewelry focuses on the way gems make light tangible; she is considered by many to be one of the finest colorists today. And Kent Raible finds his inspiration in the opulent, intricate gold work of antiquity. Whether encrusted with diamonds or emphasizing just one glimmering stone, all these bejeweled pieces are simply stunning.