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Douglas Fairbanks: The Making of a Screen Character

Douglas Fairbanks: The Making of a Screen Character

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Originally published in 1940, "Douglas Fairbanks: The Making of a Screen Character" was the second in a monographic series conceived by The Museum of Modern Art's founding film curator, Iris Barry, to provide historical and aesthetic perspective on key film collections in the Museum's care. They were part of a coordinated program of activities that included the acquisition, restoration, and public exhibition of films, research and writing on the cinema, and the distribution of artistically important films to educational institutions. World War II ended this series of books just as it was beginning, making instant collector's items of the original limited editions. The present facsimile edition makes this sought-after publication again available to fans and scholars of the early film.
This volume first appeared in conjunction with the Museum's landmark exhibition "The Career of the Late Douglas Fairbanks". The retrospective was the first to feature the career of a famous screen star, and was the Museum's most successful film series of its day. This book, by the distinguished journalist and broadcaster Alistair Cooke, analyzes the combination of showmanship, super-hero athletics, and all-Americanism that made Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., an internationally admired Hollywood star.

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