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Betty Page: Queen of Pin-Up

Betty Page: Queen of Pin-Up

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What she wanted to be first of all was a singer with a big orchestra. Then, like countless girls her age, she wanted to be a Hollywood star. And then, for years and years, she mulishly aimed at a career on Broadway. There may be Good Fairies who would make all three wishes come true, and God in His wisdom may sometimes grant one, but real life mostly fulfils none of them. At least Betty Page ended up not too far from her third goal - just a couple of blocks, to be exact: her New York apartment was only a short walk from Broadway. And she did become a star, even if her dreams never came true.
Legend has it that Betty made her Manhattan appearance out of nowhere, fresh from the farm, probably wearing jeans and a checked shirt and with straw in her hair - and next day found herself a pin-up superstar. It's an endearing story. But the fact of the matter is that she came from Nashville, Tennessee, a distinctly urban place to grow up in. When she arrived in New York she was by no means a naive girl still wet behind the ears. A broken marriage already lay behind her, as well as her first fruitless attempts to gain a foothold in showbiz and a brief spell as a high-school teacher.

Формат: 23 см x 30 см.