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Graffiti L. A.: Street Styles and Art (+ CD-ROM)

Graffiti L. A.: Street Styles and Art (+ CD-ROM)

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Graffiti writing has been a part of the Los Angeles landscape since the early 1980s, and its early influence, cholo (gang) graffiti can be traced back to the 1930s. But until now, there has been no book solely devoted to the rich history of graffiti art in the city from its beginning to the present day. In addition to the longstanding tradition of cholo writing, whose distinctive letterforms are still used today, Los Angeles street artists from all walks of life draw from a unique confluence of cultures - including Latino, pan-Asian, African-American, Jewish, and Christian - that has led to regionally and personally distinctive styles, as seen in letterforms, characters, and thematic works. Along with the myriad styles these artists have created, they have also evolved world-class graphic skills now comparable to the best aerosol work anywhere. Los Angeles is home to one of the most visibly active graffiti communities in the world, and today is part of a larger, thriving art scene. Graffiti and street artists from around the world now come to Los Angeles to pay respect to and work with the artists here.
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