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The Decorative Tile in Architecture and Interiors

The Decorative Tile in Architecture and Interiors

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Ceramic tiles are one of the oldest and most universally employed forms of architectural decoration. During the nineteenth century this medium reached a zenith. This beautifully presented book highlights the way in which the Industrial Revolution transformed the use of ceramic tiles in buildings. It not only brought new techniques and equipment for production but created an expanding world market for decorative building materials.
Now issued as a paperback, this book explores in depth the visual richness of the subject, featuring the variety of techniques used by decorative tile manufacturers and the multitude of ways in which designers, architects and builders exploited the infinite colour palette of ceramic glazes. Coupled with design inspirations from around the world and from the history of ceramics, the resulting buildings show how the creative use of ceramic tiles can produce architecture and interiors of remarkable quality.
The authors seek to integrate tiles, their design and manufacture, with the architectural and social environment in which they were used. Sumptuous illustrations, including specially commissioned pictures of previously unpublished tile schemes, provide detailed coverage, especially of the key Victorian period. This book benefits from the authors' years of experience with tiles, designs and architecture, from which an authoritative story has been distilled.

Формат: 25 см x 29 см.