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False Flat: Why Dutch Design is So Good

False Flat: Why Dutch Design is So Good

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"False Flat" documents the vitality of the current design scene in The Netherlands, one of today's most important centers of innovation and experimentation in architecture, urban planning, industrial design, and graphic design. Contemporary Dutch designers artfully recast and Reinterpret known forms and modernist archetypes through technological know-how, creativity, and wit. The authors compare this transformation to the "false flat" of the subtly sloping Dutch landscape- the product of centuries of reclaiming territory from the waters of the North Sea and the Rhine. Written by Aaron Betsky with Adam Eeuwens, and designed by acclaimed Dutch graphic artist Irma Boom, "False Flat" brings to life the dynamism, diversity, and underlying structures of a unique and prolific design culture.

Формат издания: 17 см х 24,5 см.