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Atlas Architectural Houses

Atlas Architectural Houses

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The house is a construction which has the finality of protecting man from the harshness of the weather during his daily activities. Even today, when technological advances have led to climatic comfort and large glazed planes permit dialog between the interior and exterior, we cannot forget the protection that the house gives us from the world.
However, in contemporary architecture, the house takes on a primordial role as a place for experimenting with new ideas. Before the modern age, the architect designed palaces, churches and monuments. Since then, the house has become a popular area for architectural debate and a place to manifest new ideas.
The houses of Coderch, Niemeyer, Sert, Sostres, Jacobsen, Kahn, Aalto, Utzon, Eames, Neutra, Schindler. Mies, Le Corbusier, Gropius. Rietveld. Mackintosh, Wright and Loos are excellent proposals of modernity, like the houses presented in this book that also call for a reflection on architecture materialized in innovative creations that are experimental and modern alongside properties found on the market that fall into the category of more homogeneous and conservative works.
In these proposals with high design content, a symbiosis between architect and private client exists that brings about a domestic desire to be able to establish a parallelism between this type of residence and the haute couture in which there is investigation and innovation that turns fashion into the avant garde.