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Landscape Detailing: Volume 3: Structures

Landscape Detailing: Volume 3: Structures

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Michael Littlewood's "Landscape Detailing" is now well established as a valuable source of reference for architects, landscape architects, other professionals and students designing external works. For this third edition it has been split into three volumes to give a greater depth of coverage than ever before.
Volume 3 covers pergolas, arbours, arches, gazebos, summer houses, sheds, shelters, decks, footbridges, furniture and roofs. Each section begins with technical guidance notes on design and construction. This is followed by a set of drawn-to-scale detail sheets. These details can be traced for direct incorporation into the set of contract drawings. A list of relevant references, bibliography and a list of association and institutions indicate where further guidance can be obtained.
A ready reference for landscape designers and an indispensable time-saving tool, "Landscape Detailing" is an essential for the design office.

Формат: 20,5 см x 29 cм.
3 edition.