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Paris Montmartre: A Mecca of Modern Art: 1860-1920

Paris Montmartre: A Mecca of Modern Art: 1860-1920

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At the beginning of the century, Montmartre was home to a historically unrivalled congregation of artists, painters, poets, writers and musicians. Their work was at the centre of a revolution in the arts, in particular, the art of painting. The Impressionists had been the first to move into the district, around 1860; from then on, up until the outbreak of war in 1914, the Montmartre district was pervaded by a unique artistic atmosphere, one that more often than not went hand in hand with dire poverty, and the likes of which will doubtless never be seen elsewhere again.
Poverty, however, didn't bother these artists; instead they drew comfort from an inner zeal, convinced that deep down they were actively creating a new world.

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