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Dominique Perrault: Small Scale

Dominique Perrault: Small Scale

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Creator of the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Francois Mitterand's ultimate grand project, Dominique Perrault is known for large-scale interventions like the Berlin Velodrome and for his town planning schemes like the Tie de Sainte-Anne in Nantes. Here GG Section offers a more intimate vision, a look at the less familiar side, a rapprochement to the small-scale work of this major French architect. A restoration and a greenhouse, a stand for a fair and the entrance to a metro station, an apartment building and the design for Perrault's own house provide a varied typological panorama which permits the architect to reflect on scale and formal change, on spaces and signs, on proportion and materials, so as to finally reveal the conceptual and formal complexity of transparency in architecture.

Формат: 23 см x 30 cм.