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Rudy Burckhardt

Rudy Burckhardt

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One of the great New York street photographers, Rudolph (Rudy) Burckhardt was an astonishingly versatile artist, working not only as a photographer but also as a filmmaker and a painter. Yet his work has remained largely unknown outside a small circle of enthusiasts. Now, with this comprehensive monograph, the full range and brilliance of Burckhardt's photography is revealed: not only his telling street scenes, which capture the energy and chaotic beauty of the city, and his penetrating portraits of artists in their studios, but also his views of European cities, studies of children and the female nude, and views of the natural world.
With a thoughtful text by the well-known essayist and novelist Phillip Lopate, this volume dedicated to the multitalented Burckhardt, whom poet John Ashbery hailed as "a subterranean monument," will be a revelation to anyone with a serious interest in contemporary culture-and a feast for the eyes of anyone who loves great photography.

Формат: 26 см x 31 см.