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A Picture of Britain

A Picture of Britain

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Accompanying a major new BBC1 series presented by David Dimbleby, and an important exhibition at Tate Britain, "A Picture of Britain" is a celebration of the British landscape and the art that it has inspired, from Constable to Lowry, from Turner to Nash. Written by David Dimbleby and leading experts on British art, it is beautifully Illustrated with landscape photography and great works of art.
From the slopes of Snowdonia to the industrial Black Country, from the grandeur of the Scottish Highlands to the meadows of Suffolk, the British landscape has inspired artists and writers for generations. But the authors show how it is only in the last three hundred years, stirred up by art and poetry, that large numbers of people have come to admire and visit the wilder and more rugged vistas. In paintings, photographs and words, this remarkable book captures our rich cultural heritage, creating for the reader "A Picture of Britain".