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Three Men in a Boat (подарочное издание)

Three Men in a Boat (подарочное издание)

1049 руб.
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Стильно оформленное подарочное издание в суперобложке, с трехсторонним золотым обрезом и шелковым ляссе.

"Three Men in a Boat" remains one of the best-loved and most entertaining comic novels ever penned. Join our young heroes J., George and Harris (not forgetting Montmorency, the mischievous, irascible fox terrier) as they take a boating holiday along the Thames. Their aim is to escape the weary workaday world and improve their health, but they are ill prepared for the various escapades, difficulties and vicissitudes that they encounter along their watery way. The adventures of these incompetent innocents abroad are magnified to epic proportions by the storyteller, J. His narration gives the book not only a wonderful endearing freshness but also a series of hilarious moments of timeless comedy.

Формат: 10 см х 15,5 см.