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English Panorama 1: A Course for Advanced Learners: Teacher's Book

English Panorama 1: A Course for Advanced Learners: Teacher's Book

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"English Panorama" is a two-level general English course for students at post-First Certificate level, pursuing English studies for professional or academic reasons, or simply for personal enjoyment. Student's Book 1 contains 24 units each highlighting a different style of authentic written or spoken English, including TV and radio broadcasts, plays, songs, fiction and non fiction.
"English Panorama 1" is a comprehensive course offering:
  • high interest subject matter;
  • challenging tasks to provoke and intrigue students;
  • presentation of new advanced structures plus thorough grammar revision and extensive vocabulary work;
  • study skills sections to promote effective study habits;
  • a simple-to-use map of the material for easy access;
  • a flexible course structure allowing units to be selected in the order you prefer.
    The Teacher's Book contains detailed lesson notes, tapescripts and keys as well as photocopiable activities for use in class or as homework. A set of two cassettes contains the material for the listening and pronunciation exercises.
    Both levels of "English Panorama" consist of:
  • Student's Book,
  • Teacher's Book,
  • Set of 2 cassettes.

    Формат: 22 см x 27,5 см.