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Trial Of Fire (Gollancz S.F.)

Trial Of Fire (Gollancz S.F.)

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For years the Enclave has hidden the Salti Pazar, those gifted with magical powers, from the eyes of those who would wish to see them all destroyed. But now the mountain community has been revealed and its sorcerers must scatter across Lusara. The Enemy, Robert Douglas, the greatest sorcerer Lusara has ever known, brought together two magical artefacts, hoping for enlightenment and power. Instead, as he struggles for control, Jenn, leader of the Salti Pazar, must save her people. Lusara's greatest threat, the ages-old sorcerer known as the Angel of Darkness, has found them in their mountain fortress. After twenty-five years of tyranny, Lusara is finally boiling over into rebellion, not just against the evil King Kenrick, but also against the fully regenerated Nash, the Angel of Darkness ...